So your child didn’t get the GCSE results they were hoping for? Its not the end of the world, and they have lots of options. Make sure to include their teachers, as this could be an anxious time for them. As a parent it is normal to feel let down or upset, try and stay calm and your child will be naturally disappointed in themselves already. Teachers can also help support them in making the right next step. With their help: 

  • It’s worth getting your child to phone their first choice of sixth form or college to check whether they can be flexible about their entry requirements. They may agree to the pupil retaking a GCSE while studying for their A levels or BTECs, especially if the grade they achieved was a near miss. If you can, make sure your child calls themselves, not you or their teacher, as this will demonstrate their initiative and maturity.
  • If not, they could contact their second-option schools/colleges.
  • They could retake one or more of their exams later in the year to try to improve their grades.
  • They could look at other course options with lower entry requirements, or think about doing an alternative qualification or an apprenticeship. If they missed a grade very narrowly, or did much worse in a subject than predicted, you could ask the teacher to review the grade and ask them to make an enquiry to the exam board. The school can ask the exam board to check whether there has been an administrative error and to ensure the paper was marked correctly.