Mindful Writing

Mindfulness is the act of remaining present in the moment and mindful writing allows you to express your thoughts and feelings in these moments in a truthful and authentic manner.

Mindful writing can increase your self-awareness as you acknowledge your emotions and why you maybe feeling this way. It also helps you to release negative emotions or worries, much like journalling, poetry, songwriting, or even visual creative practices, such as drawing or painting.

If this sounds like it might your type of activity, our Wellbeing Toolkit has plenty of journal prompts, shadow work prompts, and self-reflection exercises to help you delve deeper into the creative and mindful aspects of writing.


Still not sold? Watch this video on the reasons why you should begin practicing mindful writing!


To get you started, why not try the following mindful writing exercises?

You can also head to https://www.thedailymeditation.com/mindful-writing to try out their exercises