Digital Detox

Technology and social media, despite its ability to bring people together, can sometimes negatively impact our mindfulness and wellbeing. 

We may feel worried about a comment we have posted or anxious we are missing out on something.

We may doubt our self-worth as we are fed highly edited images of unrealistic bodies or things we don’t have.

We may even find ourselves struggling to sleep, scrolling through reels and posts.

The Digital Detox Challenge

Here are our tips to inspire your digital detox. We encourage you to start small, increasing your time away from technology as your routine strengthens.

Tip 1

Turn off your notifications. This will curb the feeling you’re missing out on something and limit the temptation to log onto your apps.

Tip 2

Sign out from your apps and social media, and switch off your devices. You could also put your devices away in a hard to reach place so it’s harder for you to access them.

Tip 3

Built a tech-free time slot into your daily routine. Designate a small window of time to switching off from all technology and use this as a way to work on your hobbies, meet with friends, or learn something new.


Tip 4

Declutter your devices buy deleting unnecessary images, videos, posts, apps, or documents from them. You can even transfer these things on an external device, such as a hard drive. You may also want to use this time to detox your friends and following lists.

Tip 5

Remove technology and devices from your bedroom and use this as a way to encourage better sleep in the evening. Replace devices with books or magazines and develop an evening routine to help you settle into restful sleep without scrolling.


Tip 6

Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature during your detox to help silence messages, emails, or calls. This will mean that you are still able to use your devices for morning alarms, minus the distraction of people trying to reach you. Although it may seem urgent, it can wait!


Tip 7

Keep at it! Digital detoxing doesn’t come easy when we are so reliant on technology in our everyday lives. Keep building your routine and soon it will become second nature to take some time out to just be you.