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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire that assesses elements of your personality and character through an understanding of your values, beliefs, and judgements.

It looks at personality traits through lenses of extraversion, intuition, thoughts and feelings, and perception, seeing them on a sliding scale that can fluctuate with age, experience and growth.

Explaining Myers-Briggs

Watch the following video to gain an understanding of the Myers-Briggs test - a method of sorting and categorizing different personalities.

16 Personalities

Why not head over to https://www.16personalities.com/ to take the test and find out more about who you are and what makes you tick?

Your responses can help determine where you currently sit on the sliding personality scale and give you insight into aspects of your traits that may be unfamiliar to you, in turn strengthening your self-awareness and understanding of how and why you may behave in certain ways.


16 Personalities is an online questionnaire and personality report that uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to assess your strengths and areas for improvement in certain aspects of your life.

Don't forget! 

The Myers-Briggs concept is not an exact science and you are a complex and multi-faceted human that is susceptible to change and development!



There's always room to better ourselves, so don't ever feel disheartened by your results because you may find that your personality type changes as you grow and change!

How do I find my personality type?

Your questionnaire responses will determine whether you fit under one of the four personality categories - Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, or Explorers, and what type of person you are within this category.

So, let's break them down and you can identify your personality type, having done the questionnaire yourself!


Analysts: Intuitive and Thinking (NT) Type

Analysts are logical and rational thinkers. 

They value their independence and show great determination to succeed. Sometimes, their friendships and relationships can suffer due to their headstrong personality and strategic thinking. However, they show open-mindedness and and intuition, which strengthens their ability to think outside of the box.


Diplomats: Intuitive and Feeling (NF) Type

Diplomats are empathetic and compassionate.

They enjoy being supportive and holding space for other people. They are excellent team players, keeping the peace and working with others towards a shared goal. Diplomats, however, often struggle to make decisions that impact others.


Sentinels: Sensing and Judging (SJ) Type

Sentinels are great team players, and they work hard in everything they do. 

They create stable and organised environments, enabling them to work through tasks in a logical manner. They embrace challenge but they can be stubborn, and may struggle to see other points of view. 


Explorers: Sensing and Perceiving (S) Type

Explorers are impulsive, yet practical. 

They are adaptive, self reliant, and they can think on their feet. They are not afraid to take risks but sometimes this can result in foolish behaviour. However, at the heart of it all, Explorers know how to effectively balance work and play, and they're not afraid to have fun! 

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