Physical Activity

Desk Exercises

To start things off easy, why not try some exercise you can do from your desk. This is a realistic approach to getting some activity in your day whilst getting coursework or essays done! 

The Body Coach


15 Minute Ultimate Beginners Workout

We all know and love Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. Why not start off with this super-quick beginners work-out. Joe will provide lots of encouragement and you can take this at your own pace! 


Full Body HIIT Home Workout

For more of a challenge, why not try this full body HIIT workout?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which means you will do 40 seconds of work, and 20 seconds rest!


For a more relaxed option - Yoga is a great option to get moving, refocus yourself and destress. Yoga focusses heavily on breathing techniques, which can be great to calm yourself as well as relax into the poses. 

These videos are great to follow as a beginner!


If you'd like to try something else a little more relaxed, why not try Qigong? Both Qigong and Yoga are forms of exercise which work with the mind, body, and soul through breath work and light movement. See the videos below.

Let's refresh some ideas - how can we be more active? 

Option 1

Option 1

Go for a walk outside - this could be in replacement of a bus journey or short car journey you would normally take!

Option 2

Option 2

Meet up with friends - you could even ask your friends to join you attending the gym or a sports class, which might make this seem less daunting!

Option 3

Option 3

Do a home workout! Have a search around on YouTube at all of the free exercise videos you could try - from HIIT to Yoga!