40 Journal Prompts

These journal prompts have been adapted from Molly Roberts’ (2016) Prompts for your Grimoire and Intelligent Change’s (2022) 75 Journaling Prompts.

Prompt 1

Create page pop outs in your journal to visually express your feelings.

Prompt 2

Dedicate journal entries to your earliest memories and how they made you feel.

Prompt 3

Create a collage using things you find in nature, such as leaves or flowers.

Prompt 4

Create a visual journal entry by bringing together images and shapes in a collage.

Prompt 5

Journal your dreams and create a personal dream dictionary.

Prompt 6

Write a journal entry to someone you have loved and lost.

Prompt 7

Write about a place you’d like to visit and what you’d like to see and experience during your visit.

Prompt 8

Journal about three people who inspired you today.

Prompt 9

Using the shadow work concept we have previously mentioned, create a shadow character made up of aspects of your shadow self. How and why do they behave the way they do? Who would play this character in a TV show?

Prompt 10

Create textured journal pages. You can scrunch up your pages in physical journals or layer backgrounds in digital journals. Use this approach to further express your feelings.

Prompt 11

Write an entry in the shape of a spiral on your journal pages.

Prompt 12

Journal about your fears and anxieties. What makes you feel this way? Are there any creative solutions to your fears or anxieties? Are there any lessons to be learned?

Prompt 13

Use the borders of your journal pages to write short, inspirational messages to yourself.

Prompt 14

Write about the things you admire about your friends and family, and follow this by writing about the things you like about yourself.

Prompt 15

Use coloured inks to bring your journal writing to life. Use colours to express you how you feel.

Prompt 16

Journal your most treasured values and beliefs in life. How have you expressed or aligned with these values and beliefs today?

Prompt 17

Create a journal entry dedicated to places you have visited that you have felt a connection with. Why did it make you feel this way and what did you enjoy about it?

Prompt 18

Directly paint on top of photographs you have taken and use them in your journal to express your thoughts and feelings. You can do this in both physical and digital journals!

Prompt 19

Journal about the things you’re looking forward to this year and why?

Prompt 20

Journal about the changing of the seasons. How has the environment around you changed? How does it make you feel?

Prompt 21

Write a journal entry using only rhyming words.

Prompt 22

Begin a journal entry with the phrase “As I walked along the path…’

Prompt 23

Try writing a journal entry in the form of a comic strip using your day’s events as inspiration.

Prompt 24

Write a journal entry to your inner child. What would you say to the younger version of yourself?

Prompt 25

Create a brand new holiday or celebration for yourself and journal what this day would include and how you would celebrate it?

Prompt 26

Write a new mantra for each day you journal.

Prompt 27

Journal about an outfit you have that makes you feel special. What does it look like? How does it make you feel to wear it? What happy memories do you have of wearing this outfit?

Prompt 28

What does abundance look like to you? It doesn’t have to be money or wealth. Write your thoughts.

Prompt 29

Write an entry dedicated to your favourite song. What are the lyrics? How does it sound? How does it make you feel? What memories are attached to this song?

Prompt 30

Imagine a world where you could do anything, free from the judgment of others. What would you change about yourself and why?

Prompt 31

Write about a cause you are passionate about. What makes you feel this way and what does this say about you as a person?

Prompt 32

Write a gratitude ritual you can do at the end of each day. This can be something as small as giving thanks for those present in your life. Make it personal to you.

Prompt 33

Journal about what you would do differently if you could turn back time.

Prompt 34

Dedicate journal entries to the exploration of new words you learn. What do these words mean? What power do they hold? How will you use them in your everyday language? What did you initially think they meant? How will you use them in your studies?

Prompt 35

Journal your nightmares and what they mean to you. How did they make you feel and what can you take from them?

Prompt 36

Create an entry to describe the smell of night, the smell of snow, the smell of rain, or the smell of something familiar to you.

Prompt 37

Journal about your lineage. Who are your ancestors? What do you know about them and what do they mean to you? How have they shaped who you are?

Prompt 38

Split your journal page into a grid and use each grid space to write or draw something different.

Prompt 39

Journal about important life lessons and advice you have received from your friends, family, and teachers. How do you apply these teachings in your everyday life?

Prompt 40

Think about what your body would say to you if it could talk and journal your thoughts.