If you don't feel confident enough to try out painting, then why not start with drawing?

Drawing can also be a meditative act, as well as a creative outlet! It can help with emotional restoration by releasing hidden emotions and focusing the mind on the present, both of which can support our mindfulness and wellbeing.

The great thing about drawing is that you it covers everything from doodling to more complex artworks, and everything in between! So, here are some tutorials to get you started with drawing today.

Here are 12 drawing exercises to help you warm up and improve your skills!

This channel takes you through drawing basics, step-by-step, to help you build your skills and techniques.

Brad's Art School channel simplifies drawing for beginners. Learn to Draw is a series to help you establish and strengthen your drawing skills.

You can also blend drawing and meditation to help release stress and support mindfulness. Why not try some of these drawing meditations?