Meditative Painting

Meditative painting supports the release of negative emotions in a non-verbal manner, which you may find more helpful if you are struggling to write or talk about your thoughts and feelings.

You do not need to be a skilled artist to try meditative painting. It’s more about the release of emotion through a creative medium, as opposed to strengthening your skills as an artist.

There is great power in the visual representation of our feelings, and you may find it is just the right type of meditation for you!

So, why not give it a go?

You will need a canvas or suitable paper for painting, a set of brushes, a set of watercolour or acrylic paints, two jars of water, and a comfortable space.

To begin, think about how you are feeling and whether you are having any obtrusive or negative thoughts.

Are there thoughts and feelings that are doing you a disservice that you would like to let go of? What would these thoughts and feelings look like if you could see and touch them? Visualise this and imagine yourself picking them up and throwing them away.

Now, think of the colours that match your thoughts and feelings. What colours reflect your mood? Once you have chosen your colours, you are ready to put paintbrush to paper! Let your brush take a hold of your emotions and begin painting.

It doesn’t matter what comes out, just allow the brush to flow across the page without worrying about the end product.

If you find your creativity is stifled, then why not paint the environment around you or replicate a photograph you have taken? Find your flow and inspiration and go wherever it takes you!

As you finish, don’t forget to clean your brushes to lengthen their life.

Remember, you don’t need to show anyone your artwork. Painting can be a private and personal process if you want it to be. Don’t feel obliged to hold on to your paintings either! If you feel you need to throw it away to fully release your emotions, then do so. Painting should work for your wellbeing, not against it.

Why not try these meditative painting tutorials to kickstart your mindful practice?