Shoot for the Stars

Now you have captured your aspirational goals, it’s time to work on a practical list of how you can achieve those goals.



Consider your aspirational stars and think about how you can achieve them. This can be a combination of short-term (e.g. reading a book, exercising more) and long-term goals (e.g. specific career path, visiting different countries).

Think of the things that you want to achieve and write them down.

Shoot for the Stars

Download this PDF to plan for your future!

Now you have looked at the goals you want to set, what happens next? 

Having established your realistic and achievable goals, now you can set yourself bite-sized approaches to achieving your goals.

Choose a period of time that you feel comfortable with, it could be a day, a week, a month or longer.

Make sure that you consider all of the elements of this goal, are there smaller parts of this goal that you need to achieve before being able to complete the whole goal?

Bring all of those factors into consideration when you set your timeframe. 

Goal Setting

Set yourself a goal, and choose a set date to complete this goal. When this date comes around, complete the question below!

Did you achieve your goal? 



Well done! Now think about what else you might want to achieve within a similar time frame and try this again.



If you didn't achieve your goal, think about why. What could you do next time to help achieve that goal. Did you need more time, or was the goal itself too aspirational for now?