< Activities to support children from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities Projects

In 2022, LiNCHigher worked with the Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative (LTI) to support the skills development of two group of students that the LTI work with across two of their sites.  

Approached by The University of Lincoln’s media department to work on a collaborative project with media students, the students will teach the LTI’s young people how to create a media project of their own design. The aim of the project is to support students on a creative project and through teaching them to plan and execute the project, the LTI’s young people would be left with the skills and knowledge to be able to create a similar project in the future without the need for external support or guidance. LiNCHigher will be supporting the project to offer technical knowledge and to help facilitate the relationship between the initiative and the students from The University of Lincoln. 

The project is taking place during the first half of 2022