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Where possible all activities from September 2021 can be delivered by our delivery partners in schools and colleges. Some activities will be available virtually, or as a hybrid mix depending on the needs of your school or college. You can find out more about what events and activities we are offering, and their delivery options, here

LiNCHigher Learning  

The online learning platform is accessible for all students from Year 9 onwards in schools and any learners from any Level in colleges. You can learn more about the courses available here. For more information, please contact

Virtual delivery 

  • Our partners can make arrangements to deliver activities to learners who are in a classroom where there is only one PC, as well as make arrangements for activities to be delivered where each learner has their own device. 
    Live delivery will take place either using a school-nominated platform such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or Zoom.  
  • Where we are using the school platform, you will take responsibility for safeguarding arrangements and our delivery staff will comply with any policies and procedures you have. 
  • We can also deliver to multiple classrooms simultaneously. 

Pre-recorded delivery 

  • The Future Focus website contains lots of pre-recorded video content which can be utilised by teachers within the classroom. If you need support, please contact us.  


Monitoring and evaluation remains crucial in proving the impact of LiNCHigher activity and supporting the case for further funding. 

Obtaining evaluation feedback on specific events can be completed via a number of ways, and this will be communicated with the school in advance.  

LiNCHigher partner schools and colleges will be supported by a dedicated officer who will facilitate a structured needs analysis and planning process. 

All schools/colleges will be supported by our LiNCHigher central team, who will help you access relevant outreach and career activities for your learners, as well as signposting to various events and activities at our partner institutions. 

You can also use our Progression Framework as a tool to help map activity across the learning outcomes for your learners. 

If you require additional support with planning your engagement or have questions about any of our activity please contact us

LiNCHigher partner schools and colleges are the institutions who have the highest numbers of ‘Uniconnect target students’ - these are students who live in target POLAR postcodes, from our target wards. These schools are supported by a LiNCHigher Officer based within our two partner universities, who will work with the school to design a programme and arrange activities. 

Hub partner schools and colleges are institutions who are partners to the LiNCHigher Hub structure. These schools and colleges get support from the LiNCHigher central team, specifically our Digital Outreach and Signposting Officer, and can book activities from this LiNCHigher menu of activities. The DO&SO will support the school with activity bookings. 

Our LiNCHigher Partner School programme is for year 10-13 learners only. If you are a LiNCHigher Partner school/college please review our programme brochure, and liaise with your LiNCHigher Officer at your college, or at your partner university. 

Our Hub Partner School programme includes activity for year 7-13 learners in school, as well as Level 1 and 2 in Colleges, and available to all state schools in Lincolnshire. Please head to Outreach Activities to browse these activities, and see how to make bookings. 

We offer tailored activities for targeted learner groups (looked after children, care leavers, disabled learners, young carers, BAME etc) and their supporters. You can view these activities here, using the filters to search by specific learner groups.  

Find the events you would like to book onto via our Activities page. 

Select your school from the drop down filter to see what activities are available to you.  

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your account officer (LiNCHigher Partner School) or, our Digital Outreach and Signposting Officer (Hub Partner School). 

All of our activities are fully-funded, therefore, there is no charge to schools, colleges or learners. 

Funding for transport costs is available to Target postcode schools and colleges, and selective target learner groups.  

We need schools and colleges to support the monitoring and evaluation of our work so that we can evidence impact and comply with our funding requirements. For any school or college that we work with, we establish a rigorous data sharing agreement between ourselves and your institution, and then collect student data to support with our tracking and monitoring. Our Privacy Policy outlines what and how we collect learner data, and how it is stored and used. In addition to the data sharing agreement and data collection, we will request a register/list of attendees for each activity undertaken from your institution. This will be covered by our data sharing agreement and privacy policy.  

A requirement of our Office for Students funding is to track learner destinations so that long-term impact can be measured. We ask learners to opt-in to the collection and processing of their personal data for tracking and evaluation purposes via our Destination Tracking tool, accessed via their FutureFocus/LiNCHigher Learning account. 

All processes are fully GDPR compliant. Further information about our data collection & GDPR compliance can be found here , or via the Data Sharing agreement signed by your school (if applicable). 

LiNCHigher aims to support the government’s social mobility goals by increasing the number of young people from underrepresented groups, and adults who go into higher education. 

The Uni Connect progamme focuses on target wards, which are identified by areas where higher education participation is lower than might be expected given the GCSE results of the young people who live there. 

School learner data is used to identify what proportion of learners live within a target postcode. Those schools with the highest number of UniConnect target learners receive additional support and funding in the form of our LiNCHigher partner school programme.  

We are committed to offering free outreach activities to all state schools and colleges in Lincolnshire, which include campus visits, in-school activities, parent talks and CPD for teachers and advisors. 

The Hub Partner school programme outlines the range of outreach activities which are available for any of your students. You can choose as many or as little (we hope as many) of these activities as you like, and there is no limit or restriction on which of your students can attend. 

For these activities, we may ask schools to select learners who are underrepresented in higher education such as those who are the first in their family to progress to higher education, are in receipt of free school meals, who have been in local authority care, who have a disability, learning difficulty or long-term health condition or have caring responsibilities. 

Some schools will be proactively supported by LiNCHigher in accessing these activities based upon priority criteria. 

To find out more information about what support your school can receive, contact us 

We can provide CPD sessions for teachers and advisors to provide impartial information around key higher education themes. 

Our sessions can be delivered in various ways from 30 minutes to 2 hours either as a twilight session or as part of an INSET day. Virtual delivery is also utilised for ease of access.  

We also provide a range of resources and videos to support teachers and careers advisers, these are outlined in the Teachers Zone of FutureFocus or accessed here.

Specific teacher/educator events are hosted throughout the year, these are published on our events page

To get involved with the programme, please email Niamh East (, who will provide more detail about how to start booking activities and arranging your programme. You can get a headstart, by browsing the different activities here.