Detailed Knowledge 

Studying at higher education level gives you the opportunity to gain a higher level of knowledge in a particular subject. You’re probably used to studying lots of different subjects at school. If you decide to progress to higher education, you’ll be able to select just one or two subjects that you want to study in more depth.

Transferable Skills

Higher education study allows you to develop loads of new skills that will look great on your CV. You might be asked to deliver presentations, work in groups, demonstrate critical thinking, time-management and initiative, and much more.

Experience & Networking 

Many higher education courses give you the opportunity to network with employers from fields related to your area of study. You many also are given the opportunity to undertake work experience or placements as part of your course.

Job Opportunities and Careers 

Some careers require applicants to hold a higher education qualification. Your qualification may open more doors for you in terms of employment and, on average, those who successfully complete a higher education qualification earn more than non-graduates.

It could be fun! 

Studying a higher education qualification allows you to focus on the subject that you find most interesting and would enjoy learning more about. You’ll get to meet new people, try new things and if you decide to move away from home to study higher education you’ll learn to be more independent.

In the resource library we have compiled a range of videos from students talking about their Post-18 Options, including University & College Students, Work placement and apprenticeships. 

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You may be considering going to university with no idea of what to expect as you do not know anyone in your family who has been before you. This does not mean that you are any less able to excel at Higher Education studies!

Higher Education is for everyone. Our website can provide you with lots of information and guidance on everything from applying to university, help getting the grades you need to go to university, accepting university offers, and transitioning to university!

As well as information, you can watch lots of videos from students about their experiences of student life, you can check out the course finder to see what type of amazing opportunities exist, use the career builder to see how your future could flourish and so much more. 

We also have a dedicated Parent Zone where we have lots of information and videos you can share with your parent/carer to help them understand and support the decisions you want to take. 

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