Welcome to the Careers & Employability section. From here you can learn more about the world of work, careers and the skills you will need for your future work. This section will also help you understand how to research, search and apply for jobs. 


What do you want to learn about?

Employability Skills

  • Here you can find information and guidance on how to identify and strengthen the skills needed that will make you more appealing as a prospective employee.

Labour Market Information

  • Find out about Lincolnshire Labour Market Information. Use this to inform your choices about the type of career you might want to pursue, and what opportunities may be available to you locally.

Finding the right career & applying for jobs

  • Need help deciding on a career path? Struggling with job applications? Not sure on how to highlight your abilities?
  • Use this page for information and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your future career path

Work Experience & Employment law 

  • Know what line of work you wish to pursue? Think you’ll need more experience to demonstrate your aptitude for this career path?
  • Find out here about how to get the most out of Work Experience and which laws you need to be aware of for both Work Experience and Part-time employment. 


Interesting Read: Prospects Luminate's Early Careers Survey (2023) reveals the impact of the cost of living crisis, examines attitudes towards hybrid work and study, and explores the key challenges for careers services and employers around engagement and retention. To read more on this head to Early Careers Survey 2023 | Luminate (prospects.ac.uk)