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The Future Focus Magazine

Year 13 Level 2/College Students Parents/Carers Teachers Brochure/Guide Careers/World of Work Higher Education University College Apprenticeships Careers

We have now launched a brand new issue of The Future Focus Magazine! This is a fantastic resource for learners in Year 13 to explore their options at Higher Education and beyond.

Estrangement Information for Staff

Teachers Brochure/Guide Care Leavers Mental Health Higher Education Finance/Money

An informative guide on how to approach estranged students and strategies to support them.

Estrangement Information

Students Brochure/Guide Care Leavers Mental Health Higher Education

Read about what estrangement is, how it affects young people and how to support a young person who may be facing changing family dynamics.

Estrangement Information for Students

Students Brochure/Guide Care Leavers Mental Health Higher Education

Learn about what it means to be Estranged and how you might approach supporting someone experiencing a breakdown of relationships from their family. Step in and be an ally!

Recipe Booklet

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Level 1/College Level 2/College Adult/Mature Learners Students Parents/Carers Teachers Brochure/Guide Mental Health Finance/Money Skills

Want to cook nutritious AND delicious meals? Check out The Recipe Booklet! Brought to you by LiNCHigher, BGSU, CELT and Eat More Good Stuff!

Student Guide to Apprenticeships

Students Brochure/Guide Apprenticeships

LiNCHigher's Guide to Apprenticeships, containing information and guidance to support young people with apprenticeships

Student Researchers

Teachers Brochure/Guide

Making Student Voices heard. Guidance to setting up and running Student Researcher Groups in schools and colleges: a peer evaluation approach.

Student Finance Information

Website Finance/Money

What information is there regarding student finance in England?

LiNCHigher Care Leavers Guide to Higher Education

Students Brochure/Guide Care Leavers Higher Education

A guide from LiNCHigher

LiNCHigher Students from Armed Forces Families Guide to Higher Education

Students Brochure/Guide Armed Forces Higher Education

Are you a learner from a military family? This guide is for you!

Teacher Guide to Student Mental Health

Teachers Brochure/Guide Mental Health

Guide to teachers in supporting student mental health, provided by University of Lincoln Transition & Wellbeing team.

I wish you knew

Teachers Brochure/Guide Care Leavers Higher Education

Six things children in care want their teachers to know.