Outreach Activities

LiNCHigher, and its partners, run a wide range of free outreach activities and programmes for all year groups in schools and colleges covering a broad range of topics and opportunities for young people.

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Lesson Resources

Browse our free lesson resources. Contents vary from full lesson plans, presentations, and worksheets on various subjects.

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Options at 14

(Level 1 & 2)

Teenagers walking to school

For learners aged 13-14, or year group 9 and 10, who are embarking on their chooses at Level 2 (i.e. GCSEs). Whether your young learners or their parent/carer, have questions about their options, what courses to choose or need advice, we have everything you need to support them.

Options at 16

(Level 3)

For learners aged 15-16, or Year 11 at school, your students, and their parent/carers, will have lots of questions about their options at Level 3. Whether they have questions about where they can study, what courses to choose or need advice, we have everything you need to effectively support them.

Options at 18

(Level 4+)

For learners aged 17-18, or Year 12 & 13 at school or college, there are many higher education option pathways at Level 4 to choose from. Whether your students, their parent/carers, have questions about options, where they can study or need advice about applications, we have everything you need.

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