The Complete Careers Team has over 50 years combined experience in supporting individuals to manage their transitions and empower organisations to development their careers programmes.  Based in Lincolnshire and working across the East Midlands, Complete-Careers has evolved into a national provider of career development services, with a portfolio of international projects including:

  • Leading a Careers research development exchange with Alberta, Canada in 2007, 2009 and 2011.
  • Working in partnership with CfBT to deliver careers education and guidance training to Omani educators in 2013
  • Writing a curriculum framework for the Abu Dhabi Education Council in 2014/15
  • Piloting quality award development in Muscat and Jersey.
  • Complete-Careers are delivery partners to a range of national organisations such as Teach First, University of Derby’s International Centre for Guidance Studies, Careers and Enterprise Company and the Career Development Institute.

What we do

Our extensive knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience in careers enables us to:

  • Supports learning providers to improve their careers provision
  • Enables effective delivery of accredited and non-accredited continuous professional development careers courses
  • Produces resources to support effective career planning
  • Provides consultancy to share and develop expertise
  • Manages and co-ordinates projects and initiatives
  • Helps individuals plan their future
  • Provides mentoring and coaching support for career staff and professionals.


About Career Mark

An integral part of the Complete-Careers portfolio is Career Mark, our brand for the Licence we have to provide the national Quality in Careers Standard.  Career Mark focusses on the  continuous cycle of development. This ensures that organisations achieving the award are demonstrating high quality CEIAG provision that exceeds current legislation and guidance. Career Mark ensures that students receive appropriate support and guidance when making decisions for their future. With over 200 members and award holders across the country Career Mark has an excellent reputation and is based here in Lincolnshire!  Primary Career Mark was introduced in 2016 and is becoming more and more popular as schools recognise the need to start careers education is much earlier.  We champion career learning starting from age 4 onwards. 

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