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In June 2018, LiNCHigher worked with Boston College to create an event for schools in the area to learn about some of the alternative routes to access Higher Education. The event specifically sought to demonstrate that vocational subjects can lead to progression through to Higher Education.

The event was attended by year 10 students from Barnes Wallis Academy, Boston Grammar School, Giles Academy, Haven High Academy, John Spendluffe Technology College, King Edward VI Academy, Skegness Academy, Thomas Cowley High School, Thomas Middlecott Academy and William Lovell Academy.

During the event, students had the opportunity to learning about specific vocational subjects, and take part in practical masterclasses in different subjects, including Animal Management, Sport, Uniformed Public Services, Business, Construction, Engineering, Music, Performing Arts, Art, Photography, Health and Social Care, Food and Catering, amongst others.