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We created this toolkit in collaboration with CELT from Bishop Grosseteste University to provide individuals with practical advice, resources, tips and self-assessment tools to promote positive mental wellbeing. 

Our approach has been to develop this toolkit as a system to aid stress reduction and grow resilience in individuals to reduce barriers to achievement. It can also help you create and implement positive changes in your life.

The wellbeing toolkit teaches you to recognise your own stress cycles and when your stress is helping or harming you. You can choose from a menu of quick, effective stress-reduction tools and build your new skills into deep, lasting habits that effect powerful transformation over time.

Within the toolkit, users can find 6 categories to utilise:  Resilience, Mindfulness, Self Awareness, Be Active, Relaxation and Creativity. 

You can access the Wellbeing Toolkit for free via the following link: https://www.thefuturefocus.co.uk/toolkit/