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In 2022, we created and launched the Future Focus Programme, designed to inspire Key Stage 4 and 5 learners to raise their aspirations and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage transitions into Higher Education, work and broader opportunities.

There  are  sixteen  interactive  lessons  in  the  Future  Focus  Programme  all  of which come complete with lesson plans, learner activities and accompanying PowerPoints that can be delivered to our LiNCHigher Partner schools.

The lessons are aimed at Year 10 to Year 13 and have originally been designed to be delivered by the LiNCHigher team. The format for the lessons are for large group delivery of up to 75 learners at a time.

The programme  has  been  designed  so that it can be used  by  schools and colleges  in  the  future,  to  be  delivered  by  school  staff.  The lessons are therefore  ‘off  the  shelf’  with  all  the  information  a  teacher/careers  leader may need to deliver with minimal preparation time. There are four lessons in each year group (Year 10 to Year 13) under the following four themes:

Self: Helping learners identify their skills, preferences and values

Opportunities: Providing the full range of routes, options and pathways

Independence: Helping learners with decision making and planning

Evolve: Supporting learners to develop transition knowledge and skills

For more information on the Future Focus programme, please feel free to contact a member of the team at linchigher@bishopg.ac.uk