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What's Next

Workshop about your ambitions, your future, and your potential options in careers. We will begin exploring routes you can take in ‘FE’ and ‘HE’ and work out how you might get to your dream career!

Life after year 11

This workshop will focus on what you can do between now and sitting your GCSEs, and will begin to explore what are your post-16 study options?

March to June, the What's What 2021

This will be another chance to recap on what your options are for post-16 education including College-study, School-study, Apprenticeships, and a conversation on exams 2021 – what we know, and what we can do whilst we wait!

Research HE

As you start to think about what you might want to do when you leave school or college, this will show you ways of researching your HE options, and where to find information including what courses, institution and pathway!

Making Touch Decisions

As we approach the end of Year 13, this talk will look at ways to make the decision on your firm and insurance choice on UCAS (if you haven’t already), and will explain what else to start thinking about, such as what is clearing and adjustment, and applying for accommodation!

Goal Setting

David Hyner has asked us here at LiNCHigher before: ‘What do big achievers all have in common?’ – they all set massive goals! So how do we do it, and how do we stay motivated to keep on working towards it – this will help you find out!

Writing About Yourself

An important skill for applying to Higher Education, and further down the line, when applying for jobs, but despite living in a social media generation, we still find it hard to talk about the skills we have, – this workshop looks to change that and give you advice on how to write about yourself!

Route planning: GCSE to Degree

Workshop on exploring Higher Education, and how to find more information on the different routes, on courses and on pathways, so you can start planning your route into Higher Education! Find more information on courses, and pathways.

Personal Statements – Let’s Get Writing

You may have been putting this off, so now’s the time to start drafting your personal statement! This workshop will help by giving you some advice on what to write, what not to write, and just general tips about getting that personal statement written!

Preparing for your GCSEs

Before you know it, you’ll be in Year 11, and getting ready to start your GCSE exams – so this talk will look at how you can get ahead and prepare yourself for your GCSEs!

Preparing for Further Education

Are you doing A Levels or BTEC? Are you doing an Apprenticeship? At a college, or at a school? This talk will help you understand more about what to expect from Further Education, and help with the transition into the next stage of your education!

Managing the Transition to HE

Taking that step into Higher Education is very exciting – but there are also things about it that make us feel nervous! This talk will look at some of those things, how we can help ourselves with the transition into Higher Education, and who we can go to when we do need that little extra support!

Dan Hargreaves

As we approach the Easter break, it’s time to get some positive energy – and Dan will supply that with extra to go around! Dan’s talk will help motivate you to keep on working.

Making the Most out of Year 10 and Year 11

We want to help you make the most of what’s left of Year 10, and hit the ground running in Year 11, so this workshop will give you some motivation and skills to help you do just that!

Luke Staton

Luke’s talk will inspire you to reflect on yourself, what your dreams and aspirations are, and what are your qualities and beliefs – to help motivate you as you move on through your education career, and inspire you to aim high!

Aspiring to Apprenticeships

The link in this programme looks at degree apprenticeships and talk about the real experience of a degree apprentice, and general info about apprenticeships, including an apprenticeships challenge for you to enter!

Paul Hughes

Paul will explain how he broke down barriers, and overcame his learning difficulties, to become an expert in his field, including learning to speak multiple languages, embracing new cultures, and advising Barack Obama in his career with the forces.

What to Expect from HE

Whilst things may look a little different still because of COVID-19, this workshop will be a chance to look at what you can expect from Higher Education, and why you can start getting excited!

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