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Launch of Lincolnshire & East Midlands SCiP Alliance Hub

We’re excited to announce that LiNCHigher in partnership with SCiP has officially launched the Lincolnshire & East Midlands SCiP Alliance Hub. The Service Children’s Progression Alliance (SCiP) is a partnership of organisations that are focused on improving outcomes for children from military families. The alliance has a number of regional hubs that provide support to service children on a local level.

The initial launch meeting brought together leading education professionals to discuss the future of the hub and share best-practice. Members of the Hub will now meet quarterly to share updates and develop resources.

The SCiP Alliance’s mission is as follows:

“To support education practitioners to champion the progression of the children of military personnel, so that they can make informed and confident transitions through further and higher education into thriving adult lives and careers.”

Children from military families face a number of unique challenges that can impact their educational mobility and access to higher education. Service children often move between schools as dictated by their parent's careers. Poor communication between schools can cause transitional issues for students. This can be especially difficult for those with additional learning needs or students who are sitting exams. Military deployment and the associated parental separation can also cause excess emotional stress on students.

The launch of this new hub allows LiNCHigher to continue its commitment to supporting children of service families with a range of Higher Education resources. This Hub also puts us in a fantastic position to provide support and guidance to teachers and educational institutions.

It was an exciting launch and great to see such dedicated individuals attending. Since then we have had more interested parties requesting to join the hub looking to network both internally and externally and continue to share good practices. The event certainly made everyone reflect on the experiences faced by Military families and as a group we now look forward to creating positive action across both regions and nationally.

- Jessica Darnell, Senior Project Officer at LiNCHigher

We’ll be launching our SCiP Alliance resources page shortly. In the meantime, you can download the SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit FINAL which is designed to help children of service families in the school.

To enquire about the new Hub and find out how we can support you or your students please contact Jessica Darnell at

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