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Be Inspired! John Stacey: My (metaphorical) Rags to Riches

June 15, 2023 | 6pm

University of Lincoln , Cargill Lecture Theatre, Minerva Building, University of Lincoln

Join the Eleanor Glanville Institute for this Be Inspired! lecture by John Stacey about his physical and mental health and journey to self-awareness.

"I have never been more content, but my life was not always this way. A rollercoaster 30 years, led to physical health problems, which moved on to looking at mental health as a catalyst. Something I'd never "believed in" before I had to tackle it head on. This moved me to having to crumble myself to ash, and piece by piece put myself back together. This journey put me on a different kind of rollercoaster. One not without heavy lows, but ultimately always learning, opening my mind, and growing... all because I began to talk... within myself, to others, to those that mattered, and becoming more curious asking more questions of myself as time went by. I'm but one example of finding a way to move forward and grow, but having been involved in Mental Health for the best part of a decade, I now know that in truth, whilst we're all very different, my journey is very much that of the Everyman."

John Stacey

John Stacey is a Director of a Social Marketing Agency, an award-winning non-profit entrepreneur, a charity trustee, and a trained counsellor.

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