Week 30

Exam Skills

It’s coming up to a very important time of the year... exam season, and this week we’ve got some tips on how to tackle what can be a pretty stressful time for you.

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As the exam period approaches, it may feel tempting, or maybe even feel necessary, to neglect your wellbeing during these few weeks so that you can fully focus on revision, which is not correct! Your wellbeing is very important when studying for your exams and it can feel difficult to find a balance, but there are ways to ensure that you can combine study and work while keeping stress levels to a minimum by using your time wisely.

Take care of yourself during this time by eating well, sleeping well and exercising regularly. Exercise helps to oxygenate the brain and release tension, helping you to keep calm, mentally relax and study more efficiently. With the help of our friends at Future Toolbox, we have created a video that offers you some tips and advice on how to revise and approach your exams.

Wellbeing Toolkit

This toolkit has been created to provide you with practical advice, resources, tips, self-assessment tools, and activities to develop resilience and encourage positive mental health. A section of the wellbeing toolkit is 'Be Active', which focuses on raising your self-esteem and get the endorphins flowing to positively improve your mood. Click here to take a look!

Tasks for this week

Your task this week is to watch the video that we have created for you. The video includes advice about how to reduce stress and improve your mental state to achieve your best during this demanding time. You can find it on our FutureFocus website or below:

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