Week 12

Explore the Future Focus Website

By now, you will have had few opportunities to explore our FutureFocus website. This week we’re giving you the opportunity to explore the website in more detail.

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Higher Education

FutureFocus is a hub designed to bring together all aspects of careers, education and training for young people, parents/carers, adults and teaching professionals.  

FutureFocus is brought together by LiNCHigher, a consortia partnership of education providers and organisations supporting young people in schools, colleges and community groups across Lincolnshire.  

We want to provide young people with the information and support they require to make informed decisions about their future. Planning next steps after school or college is an exciting time, however it can understandably be confusing and a little daunting given the number of options available... but don’t worry there is support available.

Familiarising yourself with the information on this hub will get you up to speed, wherever you are on your journey!

Tasks for this week

It’s a research task and we’re asking you to head over to www.thefuturefocus.co.uk and find the following:


  1. Details of an open day at a local university
  2. A video that gives you advice on moving into student accommodation
  3. A webinar focussed on Handling Stress and Anxiety
  4. A portal to allow you to chat with students from Bishop Grosseteste University and The University of Lincoln
  5. Information on the LiNCHigher Award

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