Week 38

Inspirational Stories

In need of a little inspiration...?

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Higher Education

Inspirational speakers provide personal insight and experience into how to actually go about achieving the things you want to achieve. Sometimes hearing someone's own personal experience, can help others achieve their own goals, as hearing a real-life experience makes it feel more relatable. Not only this, but they also provide effective systems and examples or tried and tested methods of achieving the end goal. With this in mind, we created our Inspirational Stories Collection on LiNCHigher Learning. If you'e unsure about what you want to do for a career, or lacking in a little motivation, hearing another persons experience can give you that encouragement to take those next steps. 

We have four inspirational stories in the collection for you to view, here's one below for you to watch for your task this week. 

Terri Moloney

In this video we hear from Terri Moloney. Terri is studying HE at the University of Lincoln. Listen to her journey to HE as an Adult Learner.


Jake Coles

In this video we hear from Jake. Jake has a visual impairment and talks about his journey to accessing Higher Education.


Katrina Pierce

Katrina Pierce grew up in Lincolnshire and studied at The University of Lincoln. She is now the Development Manager at the Federation of Small Businesses. Watch the video to hear about her journey.


Alice Carter

In this video, we hear from Alice Carter. Alice is the Community Manager at Lincoln City Foundation, in the video you will hear about her education journey to get there.

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