Week 23

National Apprenticeship Week

This week is National Apprenticeship week and throughout the week we'll be shining a light on the apprenticeship opportunities available to learners!

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The variety of apprenticeships may be surprising and you can study at different levels.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and for the next few days, we'll be shining a light on the apprenticeship opportunities available to learners!

We're starting the week by sharing a short film with you! We asked four current and recent apprentices to share their apprenticeship journeys with us and the film below is the result. In the 10 minute long film, you'll hear from four apprentices, all working in different industries. Remember, this is just a snapshot of some of the opportunities available to apprentices. 

You can also find loads of information about apprenticeships on our FutureFocus website. You can follow this link to the apprenticeships section of the site where you'll find loads of resources, information and videos to help you discover more about the opportunities, benefits and realities of apprenticeships.

Inspirational Story:

Zach was unsure about what job he wanted in the future. After studying A-Levels at 6th Form, Zach realised he was struggling to find the motivation to study these topics. This is what led Zach to apply for various apprenticeship programs in the engineering field. Click below to hear Zach’s full story. You can find our full 'From Here to Career' resource here on our FutureFocus website.

Tasks for this week

Task for the week

Your task for the week is to take a short apprenticeships quiz on the Amazing Apprenticeships website. in the quiz, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about a apprenticeships and what they involve. Follow the link below to get started!

Take the Apprenticeships Quiz!


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