Week 10

Personal Statements - again!

It’s so important so we’re coming back to Personal Statements!

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Now that you’ve had a few weeks to think about it, and you’ve spent some time looking at your CV or UCAS application, we’re going to spend some time perfecting your personal statement.

Hopefully, during Week 4, you created something for your personal statement that you can use in your UCAS application, CV or job applications.

Tasks for this week

Your task this week is to get feedback on your personal statement. If you need to revisit your personal statement first, make sure that you are happy with what you have put together, you will have seen the guide to writing your personal statement during week 4, but just to recap: 


  • Talk about Skills, Experience and Ambitions
  • 500-600 words
  • Make sure there’s a start middle and end
  • Talk about why you want to apply
  • What makes you suitable
  • Anything else that you think could support your application
  • Make sure its all your own work


Now that you have a draft of your personal statement, it’s time to get some feedback. This could be from a teacher or tutor in college or 6th Form, a parent or older sibling or friend. Choose someone who will be able to give you constructive feedback, maybe they have recently written their own personal statement, or they have some expertise based on giving feedback to others.


Give them time to review your personal statement and welcome their feedback. Remember, you don’t need to include all of their changes, use your judgement to help you create the best personal statement that you can write.

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