Week 3

Submitting a UCAS application through your Sixth Form or College

There are a couple of different ways that you can submit a UCAS application, either through your 6th form/college or independently.

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If you are submitting your UCAS application independently, you can skip this task and take a week off! However, you may be applying to UCAS through your sixth form or college, if this is the case, this week’s task is for you.

Find out your sixth form or college buzzword from either your tutors or careers advisors at your sixth form or college.

When making your UCAS application through your sixth form or college, it is really important that you understand the deadlines.

Your sixth form or college will let you know what dates you need to work to, so you don’t leave it until the last minute!

Remember that your sixth form or college won’t be submitting just your application, they may have hundreds of other applications to check and process. So give your tutors plenty of time to check your application, they may need to send it back to you if they spot any mistakes.

Remember that simply sending your application to your tutors before the deadline won't count as sending it on time; it has to be received at UCAS by the deadline!

If it’s taking you longer than expected to complete your application and you think you’re going to be sending it close to the deadline, speak to your tutor about this in advance so that they are aware.

Tasks for this week

Speak to your 6th Form or College and find out what your buzzword is and whether they will be submitting your UCAS for you or if you'll be doing it independently.

Identify all of your sixth form or college's deadlines to have tasks completed by, and set yourself a plan to work to, enabling you to meet each deadline! 

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