Week 11

What are my other options?

What are my other options if Higher Education isn’t for me?

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Higher Education

Studying Higher Education isn’t for everyone, so this week we’re going to look at some of the other options that are available to you if studying Higher Education at university or college is not the pathway for you.

On our website you’ll find a useful section with loads of information on the pathways available to you at 18.

This might be going straight into employment, taking a gap year, exploring vocational qualifications, or looking at opportunities in the Armed Forces. Remember that you don’t have to study Higher Education immediately after finishing college or Sixth Form. Plenty of people take other routes into their careers and some will also come back to study Higher Education as an Adult Learner later on.

A story for inspiration:

Sarah went to University at Nottingham Trent, but soon realised this it wasn’t the right decision for her. This is where Sarah discovered the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme through the find an Apprenticeship Website. Watch Sarah's full education story below.

Tasks for this week

Your task for this week is just a quick one. Head over to this page on our website to take a look at some of the many options available to you at 18.

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